We are BOLDT

Our Purpose  is to deliver business strategy and communications advice to leaders to help transform organisations and performance

We work with leaders to transform

  • > business and growth strategies
  • > brand and reputation
  • > communications and the channels and technologies used
  • > creative, visual, digital and data usage
  • > critical issues into manageable opportunities
  • > organisational culture and engagement
  • > in response to market, economic, societal and political change

We are BOLDT partners

Herbert Heitmann Chairman

CEO positioning, communications strategy, crisis communications

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Jeremy Galbraith Managing Partner

Strategy, leadership communications, campaigning, issues and crisis

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Michiel van Hulten Founding Partner

Public policy, political risk, campaigns, Brexit

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Morten Pettersen Founding Partner

Transformational communications, crisis, integrated campaigns, strategy

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Matthias Graf Founding Partner From 1 August 2018

Media, new technologies, culture and employer branding

Zurich, Switzerland
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We focus on aligning business strategies with communication strategies to maximise market, brand, employer and reputational value


We help transform the ways our clients engage and communicate and the channels and technologies they use


We can add most in the context of transformational change; transformation of an industry, business or organisation. We focus on making these transformations successful and sustainable


Our clients will work and partner with some of the most senior and ideas driven people in the industry who will challenge business and communications strategies when needed


While bold or subtle ideas, creativity, experience and using the latest technologies are core to our approach we work with our own methodologies, which will be consistently followed across the consultancy


Regardless of which partner clients work with, the approach and solutions will be those of the partnership as a whole. All clients will have access to the collective experience, creativity and ideas-pool of the partnership


We will transform the careers of the people who work with us. They will be challenged, mentored and consulted on key decisions affecting the partnership, and will participate financially in our success


We partner with clients who share our commitment to transparency, honesty, non-discrimination and human rights

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Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram are as familiar to you as the New York Times, the Economist and the FT. You are an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to make a difference
in an established industry.

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Tel. +32 2 899 23 01
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